Chances are your jukebox is over 30 years old. Over time, carriages need to be refurbished to make sure it continues to play smoothly.


£100 plus major parts*

(3 month warranty)

Although we are happy to repair individual faults, we do recommend that you consider a full refurbishment as it is likely that other problems will develop, and we only provide a warranty for the fault repaired.

* Major parts include: motors, camshaft, pickup assembly and cartridge. If any major parts are required, we will contact you and advise accordingly.


£300 plus major parts*

(3 month warranty)

A full refurbishment involves removal of all components from the main chassis i.e. printed circuit board, record lifting assembly, wiring loom, motors, etc. All the old lubricants are removed from each component, followed by everything being ultra-sonically cleaned. Once cleaned, all the components are individually inspected before being re-lubricated, re-assembled with new micro switches, full alignment and full test. Each refurbishment takes approximately 6 hours.


There are primarily two types of carriage used in NSM jukeboxes:


The Shure Carriage is recognisable by a square/silver tonearm assembly and a black motor located under a silver motor on the right-hand side of the carriage. Shure carriages were fitted into the earlier E, ES and ESII technology Jukes like Prestige E120/160, City 1, early City II’s, Festival’s, Prestige ES160 and other models up until around 1983/84.


The Ortofon Carriage - recognisable is by a black/round tonearm assembly and grey plastic covered motor located under a silver motor on the right-hand side of the carriage. Ortofon carriages were fitted to later ESII technology Jukes like City II, Prestige II and other models from around 1984 onwards.

Need help removing your carriage CLICK HERE.

  • record playing slow – sometimes it gets better after it has played for a while

  • moves slowly or not at all

  • scans left and right continuously without selecting a record

  • moves fully to the left-hand side of the rack and then stops

  • does not play the ‘B’ side of record selections

  • does not load record and keeps moving from right to left

  • loads record and then immediately unloads it again without playing

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