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If your jukebox is not looking or sounding as good as it once did we can help you, as we offer a personalised cosmetic refurbishment service which will transform your CD or vinyl jukebox back to how it was when it was new.


Each refurbishment is carried out as an individual project and we start by discussing all the typical problems that occur with age, plus those that are specific to your model of jukebox.


We can arrange for your jukebox to be collected and brought in to our workshops, or you can deliver your jukebox to us if you prefer.

"Why should I buy from/refurbish my jukebox with you?"


Sometimes words just aren't enough, which is why we want to take you on a visual journey to show exactly who we are, what we're about, and more importantly what we do in our workshops. We hope the video below will demonstrate why we're the right people for the job.


All of the jukeboxes we sell go through this process. They are stripped from top to bottom and every single piece is given some much-needed TLC. We also offer this service to customers who already have their own NSM jukebox but want to restore it to its former glory.


When you buy or refurbish a jukebox with us, you can do so knowing the work is done as it should be - properly, and with care - because we love these machines just as much as you do.

Full Refurb Video
A typical refurbishment would involve the following work:

Carriage refurbishment

Centrale refurbishment

Loudspeaker refurbishment*

Button/keypad refurbishment*

Credit control programming

Display check

Lighting check and bulb replacement

Light organ check*

Replace gas struts*

Replace casters

Full cosmetic clean, inside and out

Cabinet re-spray*

Speaker grill re-spray

Full re-chroming*

CD changer service

Title page assembly service

Timekeeper replacement


* Indicates certain models only

How much would a refurbishment cost?

The cost of a full refurbishment varies depending on the model and the amount of work agreed to be done, but typically a full refurbishment of a vinyl jukebox like a City II would cost between £2000 and £2500 plus VAT, collection and delivery charges.


If re-chroming is required, for example on a Prestige ES160, this would be an additional cost of approximately £800.


We can also convert the coin acceptor to take new coins providing you with the option of switching between paid plays or free play.


For the peace of mind and safety of our customers, all our refurbished jukeboxes are fully PAT tested by our trained technicians before leaving our workshop.

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