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The Credit Control unit is the brain of the Jukebox and controls pretty much everything, including the credits available, carriage scanning, record selection cycle and display control.

All Credit Control units are programmed with information relating to:

  • how many plays per monetary value, i.e. 20p = 1 play, 50p = 3 plays etc.

  • how many records the jukebox holds, or has loaded

  • complimentary “freeplay” mode options

  • random play options


Credit Control units also store information relating to:

  • Popularity of individual records (Hits)

  • Total cash taken

The good thing about Credit Control units is that there are no moving parts so are generally very reliable, however when they do go wrong repairs should only be carried out by experienced technicians with specialist equipment.


As referred to in the Centrale Control section the early ES and ESII series Credit Control units are only compatible with a Centrale that has four Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) on the left-hand side. Later Credit Control units, (referred to as Single Rail) will work with both types of Centrale Control.


Incorrect programming will cause the Jukebox to display an Error code and, in most cases, will cause the Jukebox not to work.


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