There are several options available when it comes to getting your NSM Jukebox repaired. To discuss any of the options, and to help you decide which is the best for you, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

Telephone diagnosis

Call us and we will help you to diagnose the problem by asking you to check certain things for us which will help us to establish what is wrong. Once we have diagnosed the problem, you can send the parts to us and we will repair them in our workshop and then return them to you for you to refit. Oh, and don’t worry, we will guide you through the process all the way.


You can come to us. We have fully equipped workshops and you are welcome to come to us and drop off your parts. If you are coming a long way, then we can even offer a

while-you-wait service, by prior arrangement.


Another option is for us to arrange for our courier to collect your jukebox and deliver it to us for repair. This option is usually used when we are carrying out a full refurbishment and we require the complete jukebox, but it is sometimes used for more extensive repairs as well.

Collection and delivery


If you feel that the options above are still not right for you, we also provide a call out service to your home, and we go to pretty much anywhere in the UK.

We hold stock of ‘Service exchange’ units for pretty much all of the NSM jukebox range, so when we call we will be able to diagnose the problem and then replace the faulty part with one of our refurbished exchange units, thus enabling us to fix your jukebox in one visit.

To help us to keep the call-out costs to a minimum we try to schedule our calls and plan a route so that we group calls to different locations within the country, so it may take a week or two for us to schedule in a call to you.




Colin has done a marvelous job on my Satellite 200. It sounds like it did when I first had it. The added bonus was that he was prepared to come and fix it at my home, I can't thank him enough and highly recommend him.

TREVOR - KENT (25th March 2019)