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Stay true to the history of your jukebox by refurbishing its original speakers.

Your original NSM speakers have an impedance of 6.5 ohms, whereas new speakers are typically either 4 or 8 ohms. Another issue that occurs when replacing with new speakers is that they do not drive as freely. This has an impact on the rich sound quality you would expect from your NSM.

A refurbishment includes removing and replacing disintegrated foams, repainting with original colours, realigning the cones, sanding and re-spraying the metal surrounds and replacing dust caps (where necessary).

We refurbish speakers for:


  • City II

  • Galaxy 200

  • Prestige II

  • City IV

  • Satellite 200

  • Concert 240

  • Concert 240I


  • Galaxy CD

  • Performer Classic

  • Grand Performer

  • Performer Grand 2000

  • Silver City

However, this list is not exhaustive - if the foam surrounds have perished then we can likely refurbish them so please get in touch for a quote

Speaker Refurbishment

Refurbished Speakers 4.jpg
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