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We have four units in Goole, East Yorkshire, which include our

Refurbishment Centre

Repair Centre



Every CD or vinyl jukebox purchased from us will go through the Refurbishment Centre where it will undergo a deep clean and the necessary cosmetic work to ensure it looks as close to new as possible.

We also offer this as a service to customers who already have their own NSM jukebox, but want to restore it back to a stunning showstopper everyone will be talking about. Let us turn back the clock with a full restoration and be wowed by the results!

The Repair Centre is where we work on the main internal components of the machines. Whether you are having electrical and mechanical work done as part of a sale/refurbishment, or you have sent us a faulty part to repair, it will be lovingly looked after here. It is the main heart of the business where carriages are stripped, speakers are refoamed, centrale controls are revamped and broken CD changers are brought back to life (just to name a few!)

The Showroom is where our completed units end up, either ready for sale or  to be returned to their excited owners.

Take a look at our workshops in the video below, or use Google's 360° view. 

Collection and delivery

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