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NSM CD Lasers

Error 61?


 If you are experiencing trouble with CD playback, it could be that the laser assembly has failed and needs replacing. Typical examples of this include:


  • The CD will not spin

  • The CD spins but cannot be read

  • The CD spins backwards

  • The CD is returned abruptly to the magazine without playing

  • The CD reads some CDs but not others (particularly CD-R)

Sometimes the spindle motor itself is the cause of the issue and needs a service, while there is also the possibility that the electronic board inside the unit has developed a fault.


You can send your laser assembly to us for testing, and we will advise on the steps necessary to get your NSM CD jukebox back up and running.

Please get in touch before you send a unit to our workshops for repair. 

We'll have a chat with you first to make sure we receive everything we need.

Have you been asked to send us your laser assembly? Check out the handy removal guides below.

Simply identify which CD changer you have and grab a screwdriver!

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