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NSM CD Changers

Any errors beginning with 7 (for example, Er 73) suggest a problem with the CD Changer. Perhaps it no longer lifts to grab the CD, or the gripper itself is getting jammed when trying to take the selected disc from the CD magazine.

These are common problems that are easily remedied with a refurbishment of the unit. First, we test the unit to confirm the fault, and then the parts are stripped and cleaned of dirt/grime/old lubricant. There are certain parts that can fail with age, so these are fully inspected and replaced if they are showing any signs of damage or wear. The units are then re-lubricated, reassembled, readjusted and tested thoroughly.

As these are large, heavy items, we do suggest allowing us to arrange a call out to your home where we can offer a unit exchange service. We bring a fully refurbished unit to you, take your faulty one away, and repair/recycle yours for future use in another call out. Alternatively, you can arrange collection/delivery to our workshops, either in person or via a trusted courier. We can provide advice on the best way to package them for repair.


Which type of changer do you have?


CDM 3 - ESIV technology (above)


CDM 4 Pro Drive - ESV technology (above)


MBC III - ES 5.1 & 6 technology (above)

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