We have a vast range of stock in our warehouse which is constantly changing. The best way to get spares and parts from us is to message us advising:

  1. Which NSM jukebox you have

  2. The problem(s) you are having with it

  3. Which spares or parts you require (a photo always helps!)

We will then be able to check our stock, confirm whether the part is likely to fix your problem and issue you an invoice if we can supply the parts you need.

We also re-manufacture a lot of our own NSM stock as it is so hard to find. We often have the below parts available.

If you are looking for a customised piece that we have not already replicated, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities, as we often create one-off pieces to customer order. These do not have to be original NSM design, so the only limit is your imagination!

Decals: we can recreate graphics for pretty much any jukebox, but we already have decals for City II, City IV, Prestige ES160 and Prestige II. We also do customised pieces, such as this green/blue sparkle card for a customer's refurbished Prestige ES160. Our high quality replicas are almost indistinguishable from the damaged originals!

20210709_113842 edit.jpg

City I front panels

20210709_111600 edit.jpg

Volume controls


Display glasses: different types for Grand Performer, Grand Performer 2000, Concert 240, City IV

20210708_165330 edit.jpg
20210709_123856 edit.jpg

Turntable rubbers


White clips: for holding title pages up in vinyl jukeboxes


Top glass: for City II

20210709_111806 edit.jpg

Title page hooks: for ES160 and Prestige II